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Horizontal aluminum blinds

Aluminum - an ideal anti-corrosion material that protects the room from excessive heating in sunny weather, as well as additionally retains the heat of the room (it has good thermal insulation). Horizontal aluminum blinds can be used in different rooms where the temperature is elevated or reduced.

Aluminum horizontal blinds are available with 16 mm / 25 mm  and 50 mm slat widths, Standard and ISO type mechanisms.

The blind control mechanism can be either manual or automatic.

  • Horizontal aluminum blinds are a practical and ecological solution.
  • Horizontal aluminum blinds are more resistant to sunlight and temperature fluctuations.
  • Aluminum slats are fireproof, they can't be damaged by moisture and vapors.
  • Horizontal aluminum blinds are easy to clean with squeegee, damp cloth, they can be safely washed under a water jet.
  • Horizontal aluminum blinds can be attached to window, wall or ceiling.
  • Wide range of colors.
Materials and measurements
  • Apply for a meeting with our master who arrives to your place with catalogs (call in Rīga: 20388270 / 23278718; in Daugavpils: 20030522; in Rezekne: 25882740).
  • You can also do measurements by yourself and place an order in our office (in Rīga: Ūnijas iela 8 - K6, in Daugavpils: Saules iela 64).
Payment types
  • Advance payment of 50%.
  • Postpay in cash.
  • Postpay with a card.
  • Postpay - Bank transfer.


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+371 20030522

Salon adress:

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