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Photo blinds

Photo blinds are one of the most popular novelties in the window decor market. Roll-shaped products on which you can create a drawing, logo, photo, advertisement, inscriptions of the customer's choice. Thanks to modern technologies you can make blinds with realistic and bright images. This is the main advantage of these blinds - they allow you to make the room unique and unrepeatable. Blinds with unique design will create a cozy feeling in your premises.

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  • You can select high resolution digital image which you would like to print on blinds.
  • Acquire an unique blinds that no one else has.
  • Blinds do not lose their brightness and expressiveness of the lines under the influence of sunlight.
  • The image is clear and contrasting.
  • Blinds are absolutely safe from an ecological point of view.
Materials and measurements
  • Apply for a meeting with our master who arrives to your place with catalogs (call in Riga: 29995131; in Daugavpils: 20030522; in Rezekne: 25882740).
  • You can also do measurements by yourself and place an order in our office (in Riga: Gustava Zemgala gatve 83, in Daugavpils: Saules street 64).
Payment types
  • Advance payment of 50%.
  • Postpay in cash.
  • Postpay with a card.
  • Postpay - Bank transfer.


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+371 20030522

Salon adress:

Saules street 64, Daugavpils,
LV-5401, Latvia

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Monday - Friday:
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Saturday: closed
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