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Day-Night roller blinds

“Day-Night” is one of the newest type of roller blinds. These blinds are like double-layer curtains that look stylish and modern. The fabric consists of transparent and opaque bands which can be changed by the effects of day and night curtains.

Depending on your wishes and window characteristics - we offer different system profiles:

  • Vario 25 - semi-closed type roller system

  • Vario 32- open-type roller system

The roller blind control mechanism can be used by manual or automatic system.

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  • The “Day-Night” roller blinds is a stylish and practical window interiour solution.
  • By changing the transparent and opaque of fabric bands, you can get both - day blinds with a thin curtain effect and night dark curtains.
  • Blind fabrics should not be washed or ironed.
  • The “Day-Night” blind fabrics are available in different colors and textures.
Materials and measurements
  • Apply for a meeting with our master who arrives to your place with catalogs (call in Riga: 29995131; in Daugavpils: 20030522; in Rezekne: 25882740).
  • You can also do measurements by yourself and place an order in our office (in Riga: Gustava Zemgala gatve 83, in Daugavpils: Saules street 64).
Payment types
  • Advance payment of 50%.
  • Postpay in cash.
  • Postpay with a card.
  • Postpay - Bank transfer.


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+371 20030522

Salon adress:

Saules street 64, Daugavpils,
LV-5401, Latvia

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Monday - Friday:
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Saturday: closed
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